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Society & Systems

The following list provides a descriptive overview of the Rock's Central Districts and the suburban Dire regions. It includes Yards, Zones and major Transit Routes (Rte) along with the common names (Demonyms) and derogatory slang terms (Pejoratives) used in reference to their local residents.

The Dires section includes information about their harvested Pixy Scripts as these resources play a key role in the regional economy and culture. Also, each region has a sacred body of water through which various rituals are sourced.

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Yard:CC • Zone:01 • Rte:10-19

The Migora District is managed by a Chieftain who also functions as the Campus Security General for the Kindren Order. This Chieftain must choose a Vice General (or "Champion") to assist them in managing civil service duties like law enforcement and fire safety. Yearly Elections of Valor determine the reigning Chieftain by which the candidates or their Champion must accomplish tasks that earn the people's confidence. All of the "Goro" officials are recruited from the Military Training Grounds.

Citizens : "Goro"  |  Pejoratives : "Stripes", "Goons", "Badgers"
Population : 20,000 | Water : LDM

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Yard:CC • Zone:02 • Rte:20-29

A Holy Council of Elders led by the Elder Cleric controls the Panthea District. Citizens qualify for elected promotion to the council by achieving 99 Sacred Milestones by which they've completed notable acts of service to the Faith. The total number of Stones determines rank in this system but Conflicts of Shame can cost them Milestones & thus demote a Cleric from the council.

Citizens : "Theyans"  |  Pejoratives : "Robes", "Praythes"
Population : 35,000 | Water : PRC

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Yard:CC • Zone:03 • Rte:30-39

A Union Council manages the bustling Statia District. Anyone, even children & non-residents, can run for election as a local Representative on the Union Council. Yearly Elections take place for the Union President but seasonal referendums ("Reviews") on popular issues are used as a non-binding way for the public to voice their concerns.

Citizens : "Statia Pubs"  |  Pejoratives : "Slogs" , "Moils"
Population : 55,000 | Water : SBY

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Yard:CC • Zone:04 • Rte:40-49

The Executive Board administers the affluent Estatia District in which the quarterly earnings of each house determine rank and admission to the Board. The Chief Executive is the richest member of the Board and they hold considerable power in assigning sub-committees to handle the tasks of governing the district.

Citizens : "Lav Magna Class", "Lavs"  |  Pejoratives : "Hogs", "Masters", "Pearls", "Bankheads"
Population : 5,000 | Water : DPR

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Yard:CC • Zone:05 • Rte:50-59

Every official Saint of the Order must graduate from the Kindren Academy, which covers the entire Lhore district. It's managed by the High Council of Deans which consist of the heads of each College in the Academy. Citizens can become a Dean and therefore gain admission to the High Council through a ranking system of acquired Academic Medals and Degrees of Aptitude.

Citizens : "Rhodan Sages"  |  Pejoratives : "Bookheads", "Specs"
Population : 35,000 | Water : KNL

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Yard:CC • Zone:06 • Rte:60-69

The Aeriel District is managed by a Maestro or Maestress elected through the attendance numbers of their public conventions. Lower-ranked Artists are chosen by the Maestro to form Collaboration Councils to help manage the regular tasks of governing the district.

Citizens : "Avants"  |  Pejoratives : "Flash", "Daz", "Airheads"
Population : 30,000 | Water : SRL

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Seven Corners Square

Yard:CC • Zone:07 • Rte:00-09

This is the social and commercial heart of the city. It's mostly populated by the Statia citizens but governed by Estatia.

Population : 45,000

Zero Tree (Kindren) : The Ken Zen Willow

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Marr Valley

(Upper) Yard:NN • Zone:01-04 • Rte:800-804
(Lower) Yard:SE • Zone:01-04 • Rte:805-809

Denizens : "Valleymen", "Valley Gals", "Valley Antz"  |  Pejoratives : "Sleepers", "Dozers"
Population : (U) 60,000  |  (L) 290,000 | Water : RVL

Zero Tree (Dizlan) : Dim Willow Dires
Harvest : "Valley Frost" - (blue) - injected into the blood to put users into a deep, complacent daze

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Pan Terratose

Yard:NN • Zone:05-09 • Rte:810-819

Denizens : "Templytes"  |  Pejoratives : "Cloaks", "Fanatikose", "Fanz"
Population : 40,000 | Water : PRC / RRR

1st Tree : Elm of the Moonrise Den
Harvest : "Moonfall" - (white) - gives off a light that controls the minds of victims

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Blackwood Rott

Yard:NE • Zone:01-05 • Rte:820-829

Denizens : "Rotters", "Rott Berries"  |  Pejoratives : "Rottwilders", "Jacklers", "Jacks/Jax", "Jackelles", "Tatzis/Tatz"
Population : 200,000 | Water : RRR / RBL

2nd Tree : Cactus Barbaric Root
Harvest : "Raza" - (red) - mixed with Grime to create an ink that gives enhanced strength by feeding off of murderous rage

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Hills of the Rove

(North) Yard:EE • Zone:01-05 • Rte:830-834
(South) Yard:SE • Zone:05-09 • Rte:835-839

Denizens : "Rovers"  |  Pejoratives : "Flowers of the Mourn", "Choly Babies"
Population : (N) 200,000  |  (S) 250,000 | Water : MNS

3rd Tree : Cholywell Oak
Primary Harvest : "Aeriel Shine" - (yellow) - gives off a warm, protective light that heals and enhances the happiness of those around it
Secondary Harvest : "Violym" or "Mourning Rose" - (purple) - mix of Raza and Frost that induces a slow, painful death on contact with the victim's blood

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Grim River Glen

Yard:SS • Zone:01-03 • Rte:840-849

Denizens : "Grimlot"  |  Pejoratives : "Grimmers", "Glen Weeds"
Population : 75,000 | Water : GRV

4th Tree : Sycamore of the Grim Garden Gallows
Harvest : "Grim Fruit" - (brown) - delicious but unhealthy food created from the rotting corpses of executed criminals

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Jungle Junction

Yard:SS • Zone:03-05 • Rte:850-859

Denizens : "Junglers"  |  Pejoratives : "Junksters", "Jung Junkies"
Population : 90,000 | Water : DDR

5th Tree : Dim Maple Mount
Dire Exchange : functions as the central trade market for all crops and converts them into the common currency of Denbread

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Swamp of the Den Haze

Yard:SW • Zone:01-04 • Rte:860-869

Denizens : "Serps", "Muckratt Wallowbees"  |  Pejoratives : "Ratzies/Ratz"
Population : 160,000 | Water : DDR

6th Tree : Cypress of the Muckwater Vine
Primary Harvest : "Dross Grime" - (black) - scraped from the sewage tunnels & either smoked or sniffed for a toxic euphoria
Secondary Harvest : "Jambo" - (orange) mix of Aeriel & Raza to create drinks that induce an elevated state of jubilation

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Imp City

Yard:WW • Zone:01-05 • Rte:870-879

Denizens : "Sinsun Imperials"  |  Pejoratives : "Sashes", "Swine Pearls", "Dirty Pearls"
Population : 65,000 | Water : LDM

7th Tree : Our Twilight Angel of the Somber Saints (blue spruce)
Primary Harvest : "Papillon" - (pink) - a variety of recipes exist for this crop as it depends on the dealer's speciality but the key ingredients will be Moonfall & Raza to create a stimulating fragrance
Secondary Harvest : "Black Dawn" - (hot pink) - a secret recipe of Papillon that is highly addictive

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Capital Cliffs

Yard:NW • Zone:01-03 • Rte:880-889

Denizens : "Capa Quills"  |  Pejoratives : "Skrapes"
Population : 30,000 | Water : LDM

8th Tree : Ol' Vanity Pine
Harvest : "Cloud 9" - (cyan) - expensive mix of Moonfall, Gardelle & Frost to create a variety of smokeable products that induce a creative euphoria in the user

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Cipher Farms

Yard:NW • Zone:04-08 • Rte:890-899

Denizens : "Pharmers"  |  Pejoratives : "Rakes", "Cattle Feed"
Population : 140,000 | Water : LDM

9th Tree : Palm of the Undergreen Root
Primary Harvest : "Gardenwell (or Gardelle)" - (green) special healing herb that works on contact with skin or blood to fight diseases
Secondary Harvest : "Illgood" - (dark brown) - mutation of the Grim Root that can be used for medicinal effect but also exploited as a dangerous toxin

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