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Chaos tends to level itself into a new Order.

The Dizlan Logik draws strength from adversity by exploiting the division between two opposing sides.

Revolutionary cycles give birth to proud Devils who emerge from troubled times to lead their factions forward to greater power and prestige.

Many celebrate their historical champions but there is a tragic nature to this path of unbalanced conflict.

Let's say that Chaos is first stirred within the Human Soul through an individualistic split from Unity in order to create an evolutionary rise for Power. Viewing it as numbers, the Logix Tree starts at ZERO or the Void/Root of Creation before a state of simple Unity (ONE) emerges from that base.

Dizlan sparks an adversarial split from Unity into a Two-Piece Soul (DEUCE). Conflict then gives rise to more conflict as Power evolves through this chaotic Progress. From each Devil's singular perspective, their own faction is seen as spiritually separate from the rival group, thus they assume themselves to be unharmed by an opponent's downfall.

In other words, War is viewed as a competitive two-party struggle to determine one clear winner as (2-1=1). This misleads players of the Devil's Game to ignore any impending collective collapse while celebrating their shortsighted victory.

However, within the spiritual Kindren-Dizlan relationship of a shared Soul, its components actually share the same fate so a self-destructive imbalance would really bring us to the eventual result of (1-1=0). Therefore we end up falling backwards into the Void when Unity is lost and the Soul cannot achieve a proper balancing of itself.

The Losers in history often suffer dire consequences while the Winners go on to establish grand dynasties that will eventually crumble in time as well. Generations pass yet we still remain divided by the Devil's Game, victimized by the same Ten Troubles that haunted many of our ancestors.

We gamble with Chaos to climb the mountain and apply countless resources towards fighting our reflections holding the other die. Meanwhile the gaps grow wider as the Ten Troubles flourish within a fractured Soul, enticing history's losers to repeat the cycles of Revolution.

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• The Trilogy Ascent •

Because of its obsession with Winning, Dizlan alone cannot break free from this turbulent cycle of conflict and suffering. This leaves us in a perpetual state of internal POVERTY fed from our own Fear and Pride, thus enabling the other 9 Troubles to rapidly evolve as parasites to our political, financial and technological evolution.

Balance is the key as Kindren Logik needs the competitive innovation from Dizlan in order to reach beyond its own limitations. If Peace dwells in Unity and Division rises in the Deuce, then perhaps the Miracle awaits us in a trifold solution.

This path uses the constructive Kindren Logik as a solid foundation to then creatively explore a Tri-Unified Peace that bridges the War Deuce (II) and realizes a shared (H)armony.

This evolution would need to occur at each of the 3 paired Logik layers to create a virtual ladder ascending to the Ayah Logik's 9th Level.

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"Reach for the top and you may touch the mountain's peak, but build from the bottom and the clouds will carry your throne."
~ Napo Savant ~