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Magic System

Logik (plural: "Logix") is the classification system for an MLX character's power and social group identity. This also constitutes the "Magic" of this Fantasy story world as it allows characters to influence their environment through supernatural methods.

There are 4 Elements of Logik which are each represented by a Game Card suit. This allows magical functions to be formed through a variety of Elemental combinations. They reflect the essence of how and why people develop their potential to achieve power. Elements also function as key components for the Card Game system of "Play" both in the story and within our real-world applications.


The classic Elements of Nature overlap with these featured Elements of Logik through the story's exploration of social and spiritual duality. Forces of Order tend to favor Earth/Water as a clean and stable path for Progress while the Forces of Chaos favor Wind/Fire for their speed and intensity.


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The MLX story explores the balance of Chaos and Order in human nature.

• Tree of Logix •

Within our magical architecture, we generally start the count at Zero to indicate the point of origin. The Root Logik (sometimes cynically called the "Void") forms the original source from which we grow outwards to have 10 Logix in total within this Tree of Magic.

There is a natural progression outwards from the Root to form our Logix network. Six Body layers form a "Central State of Collective Order", which also establishes the governing framework for the story's campus citizens.

The next 2 Logix are spiritual in nature so they exist as a duality within the 6 previous layers. The final stage is called Ayah Logik and it represents the ultimate goal of Peace that the characters struggle to achieve.

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• Ayah Logik •

The root, body and spiritual layers combine together to form what the more idealistic characters refer to as the Kindren Tree, a unifying identity that branches throughout our entire society. The Kindren March is a spiritual movement driven by a belief that the next stage of mankind's maturity can only be achieved by overcoming the "Ten Troubles" hampering social evolution.

Ayah Logik is the ideal state of collective harmony in which a broken society finally overcomes its destructive cycles of conflict. Followers of the unifying movement towards this balanced state are called "The Kindren" as they use that 7th Logik as the basis for achieving Harmony.

"The Dizlan" are those who prefer to use the 8th Logik as their inspiration for a more aggressive, adversarial path of progress called the Dizlan Revolution.

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"Vengeance is in my veins and it will be by my blood that we prevail."
~ Raphaella Santiaro ~