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The Dim Dires

The Dires are the dark social chasms within human relationships.

Parties excluded from the wealth and resources of an established Order are cast down into a state of destitution. In the MLX story, this experience is represented as the lawless outlands called the Dires.

Each District of these desolate suburbs is connected to one of the Ten Troubles while its inhabitants compete for various ranks of status.

Generally, residents of the Dires are simply called "Denizens". In terms of rank, however, Dizlan Phantoms make up the vast underclass population. The more aspiring ones grow to become powerful "Devil" sovereigns ruling over their regional territory.

Devil positions match the face cards of KQJ and they’re bonded with the local Root, an enchanted tree found in each Dire region. This special bond allows them to execute any Game Plays requiring their corresponding face card.

From the Dizlan cultural perspective of the Denizens, there is a constant cycle to the rise and fall of Power in the Dires. Reapers(Q) of the Revolution harvest lost Souls to feed the Flame of their Dragons(J) while the Beast(K) then emerges to establish a new Empire.

The following list describes each Dire District along with the official titles of their local Devil admins.

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0. Marr Valley

(Poverty) – The dark heart of the Dires is populated by downtrodden souls left behind by a wasteful march to Progress. It's controlled by the Raven Marr, a criminal academy which harvests a steady supply of young recruits from the Valley.

K : Principal Daggoth Marr
Q : High Counselor Marr
J : Marr Professors & Coaches

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1. Pan Terratose

(Fanaticism) – Temples of Discord are concentrated in the mountainous Holy Lands of the Dires, where the enigmatic Umbra Kabal uses her creative talent to orchestrate a riot choir of Chaos. Her hounds strike fear into the hearts of anyone within earshot of their menacing bark.

K : Denwell Shepherdess
Q : Denwell Evangelist
J : Denwell Rectors

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2. Blackwood Rott

(Violence) – The Rott wildlands is home to the most aggressive and destructive misfits. It's a constant war for survival in these sullen forests but the crown rests with anyone strong enough to claim the Jungle Zoo Playground as their throne.

K : Jungle Zoo Keeper
Q : Ink Surgeon General
J : Hounds of the Hunt

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3. Hills of the Rove

(Apathy) – Vagrants, outcasts and orphans wander into the densely populated Roverlands when no other place will have them. The Bully High Council (BHC) controls the largest academy in the Dires but their influence is limited to the Northern Rove.

Meanwhile, the Southern Rove is the only region where Saints have been able to establish a durable outpost. The sanctuary known as "Studio Sunshine" is an orphan academy managed by the Sisters of the Tuesday Rose, a group of Panthea-Kindren missionaries. The original Dire Saint heroes were all raised under their care.

K : BHC President (N) / Keeper of the Mourning (S)
Q : BHC VP (N) / Angel of the Shine (S)
J : BHC Treasurer/Secretary (N) / Sun Runners (S)

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4. Grim River Glen

(Prejudice) – Justice is swift and merciless in a region that is nicknamed the "Hanging Gardens". Judge Attikus Grim has ruled it with an iron fist as Life holds little value under his gavel.

K : Grim Court Judge
Q : Grim Warden of the River
J : River House Keepers

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5. Jungle Junction

(Corruption) – Political Power resides in Jungle City, the crooked junction of Fate and Function. Dreams are made and broken on the whims of ruthless tyrants. The strongest one of them all sits at the peak of a towering skyscraper known as the Dire Mountain.

K : Mountain Keeper
Q : Keeper of the Canopy
J : Mountaineers (Mt. Marketeers)

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6. Swamp of the Den Haze

(Pollution) – In this shrouded realm of smoke and fog, intoxicated masses corrupt their judgment through a variety of addictions. As they sell themselves to convenience at all costs, the Guild Serpentine has risen to profit from their cravings. This sinister network is controlled by the mysterious Serpent King Necrosus.

K : Serpent King
Q : Rake Winder (of the Haze)
J : Serpent Prince (of the Muck Winders)

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7. Imp City

(Depravity) – The infamous House of the Black Dawn is the largest institution in this region of "Imperial" estates. Seducella is the Dark Queen that rules over the many lost souls who frolic here in search of hollow satisfactions.

K : Monarch of Pearls
Q : Heir of Pearls
J : Dragon Widow of Pearls

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8. Capital Cliffs

(Oppression) – Hovering over the Dires is the Cloud City of Exclusivity known as "The Cliffs". This empire of wealth sits on top of a collection of interconnected skyscrapers owned by the Manpower (MPQ) Elite Consortium. With ruthless satisfaction, its corrupt masters manipulate the masses for a substantial fortune.

K : MPQ Chief Executive
Q : MPQ Chief of Finance
J : MPQ Chief of Operations

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9. Cipher Farms

(Pestilence) – Within the deepest dungeons of the Dires, we find the Crypt Cipher Farms. These dark halls are filled with dying victims confounded by perpetual ailments. They come here in search of quick fixes from the mischievous Dr. Illgood, a deviant genius of corrupted ideals who exploits his patients for profit.

K : Farm Keeper
Q : Warden of the Cartel
J : Warden of the Care

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"Those who only gaze above will never kiss the Light. To be a star, you must defy gravity and fly high above the average."
~ Gianna Papillon ~