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Trilogy Blossom

The Kindren March is intended to be a productive path of perpetual learning, sharing and growth. Also called the "Kindren Way", it describes a constructive approach to life that builds upon the resources we find within and around ourselves.

One way to visualize this idea is by positioning each Logik as intersections of progressive angles forming a stairway. The two spiritual Logix form a relationship by which Kindren acts as a foundation.

Dizlan then rises from this base in order to create an evolutionary cliff before flattening out towards a 3rd point. That intersection will then either form the balanced base for a new evolutionary step or start an imbalanced descent back to the old base as a spiritual downfall.

Each step represents an important Dimension of our overall "Legacy", or the lasting influence left on the world around us. As a key component to the Kindren March, it's believed necessary to build upon these dimensions in order to realize the ultimate objective of Ayah Logik.

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Social Legacy has the 3 dimensions related to Structure, Economy and Awareness.

• Legacy Dimensions •

We start with the Length of one's physical influence as the 1st Dimension of Legacy. Naturally at this point we focus on our basic survival and the progress of our family lineage. After forming an alpha-centered cultural foundation (Monday Logik), we then rise towards a more individualized focus on our close family while also striving to extend that line into the eternal afterlife (Tuesday Logik).

Dizlan is a path of conflict so if left unbalanced then this Legacy Dimension may spiral down into regressive Fanaticism, Prejudice and Oppression. But if a more balanced approach succeeds, then the Kindren March will constructively establish this point as the next step's foundation.

The 2nd Legacy Dimension is centered on measuring human success in relation to the Height of one's achieved ambition. This is where our obsession with money drives us to climb from a working class foundation (Wednesday Logik) up through the enterprising hierarchy of influence (Thursday Logik).

When unbalanced, this Dimension of economic prosperity would cannibalize itself by exploiting the impoverished masses as disposable slave labor. A balanced approach will lead to a universal education system and thereby create a more collective prosperity as the base for the next step.

Our 3rd Legacy Dimension is the Depth of human awareness. With a foundation of analysis and academic knowledge (Friday Logik), we establish a commonly shared understanding which then enables us to make intuitive leaps (Saturday Logik) to grasp the less tangible aspects of Life. If left unbalanced, we'd fall into a cycle of hollow technological development that retreats into Apathy and a perverse poisoning of the entire Legacy.

Without Balance, the social order collapses like a house of cards as our obsessions degenerate into empty addictions that poison relationships. Without Balance, people race to climb up flat charts of financial prosperity while leaving their humanity lost in the shuffle. Without Balance, we cling to narrow views of Spirituality as our Pride in individual lineage blinds us to how all lines are ultimately interconnected.

This danger underlines the importance of finding a comprehensive path to social evolution, or simply an Ayah Logik. The Kindren Way is to embrace the spiritual kinship of One Soul, therefore all shall rise or fall as One Family. No leaf is too small, No branch is too weak and nobody should be left behind.

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The Trilogy Blossom is the first signal of the Ayah Logik.

• Spiritual Bloom •

Technology continues to develop at rapid rates and becomes a double-edged sword by allowing us to create and destroy faster than ever. To avoid impairing this progress while still enabling our spiritual growth to keep pace with it, the Kindren March pulls from a naturally inborn source of power: Human Imagination.

Childhood is a stage of open-minded learning and freedom so the Kindren Way embraces our spiritual inner-child. It draws influence from youthful creativity while combining it with a practical system of stable development.

Before people shackled themselves to a divisive race for power and status, their minds could see beyond limitations and believe in the wonders of Life.

Inspirational components are taken from each of the Legacy Dimensions mentioned above to ensure that solid core values sit at the foundation of a comprehensive social evolution system. Within this 3-Dimensional growth, each individual's development feeds into the collective progress of their community, thus nurturing a deeply-rooted and dynamic relationship tree of human wealth.

All "Children" can become the beneficiaries of this universal advancement regardless of their individual background. When this occurs, society will have achieved the initial stage of the Ayah Logik called the Trilogy Blossom.

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"This road may lead to Ruin or Redemption, but still the Torch is our own and we'll not pass it in Silence."
~ Anima Santiaro ~