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Story Characters

The MLX story project features many character roles that can be performed by the game-play cast.

The MLX story features over 100 character roles that can be performed by Kindren Tree members and workshop participants.

Community points can be earned from published performances and other supportive tasks like writing, design or production.

Each character role is assigned a 2-piece alphanumeric code for concise referencing in the blogs and stage descriptions.

Also, some of the roles exist as the same character but at different stages of their development in the storyline.

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• Character Codes •

The following section provides basic character information for all of the main MLX story roles. It also lists their magical Logik category and their favored Dice (instruments for wielding magic).

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"Vengeance is in my veins and it will be by my blood that we prevail."
~ Raphaella Santiaro ~