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Story Setting

• The World of MLX •

The MLX story setting consists of the Kindren Order's central metropolis of 7 districts and a barrier surrounded by a lawless region called the Dires.

The MLX story occurs in an alternatively modern reality where the Kindren March has established Campus Missions in every corner of the world. Unfortunately, there are still flaws in their system for handling troubled members.

To resolve disputes and delinquent transgressions, the Kindren have a court system in which the subject's Saint organization must cover the cost of damages as well as other penalties. For serious transgressions, the Saint's Principal administrator may elect to force a "Graduation" from their Sanctuary.

Any resident without a Saint is simply regarded as a Denizen who must rely on their relationship with Kindren citizens to participate in the community economy. Those who don't have access to these relationships may either register as a ward of a caretaker state or volunteer to inhabit a project colony such as the remote MLX campus for rebels and vagrants. This island setting is where the timeline of the MLX story takes place.

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• Magical Roots •

The history of magic in this world begins with the discovery of a mysterious 6-sided cube hidden under the sands of the Sahara Desert. It had cryptic symbols on each side that would randomly change after being touched as if it was a game to be played by children. The object was called the Miracle Sandbox because of its desert location and mystical nature.

Scientists figured out that this box could act as a glowing sensor to detect other such objects and were soon able to locate 2 more cubes. One was found deep in the Pacific Ocean while the other was buried under the ice of Antarctica. Scientists gathered from around the world to examine these objects but failed to decipher their erratic symbols.

Eventually, spiritual monks were invited to inspect the cubes. They discovered that deep meditation allowed them to receive visions through which the cubes would reveal their purpose. The symbols were never meant to be read or analyzed but rather they could be sensed as a kind of spiritual script reflected onto the living world. This paranormal code could then unlock the powers of the inner mind and its related "Logix", thus infusing a person's learned abilities with supernatural potential.

The visions transmitted by the cubes would also convey to observers the deeper nature of Logik as a layered foundation for enhanced evolution. Many people embraced this enlightened awareness through an inspired global movement to transcend the cycles of divisive conflict and suffering.

This Kindren March reshaped the world into a diverse playground of expanded social development. However, there was still a proud faction who wished for a return to the old hierarchies of conquest and glory. A culture clash of Chaos and Order was unfolding so the Order's main governing body known as the Root Haven Council felt a compromise was needed.

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• Island of Lost Souls •

The Kindren decided to build a remote paradise to allow any disruptive denizens of their global Campus network to voluntarily explore their own path for Progress. An island colony was crafted by the Kindren Root Council using the most advanced Spell technology to both form the landmass and design it to be inhabitable for over a million residents. It was "scripted" with special resources that the inhabitants could harvest for Logik powers and thus develop an alternate style of civilization on the island.

Natural and magical resources were coded into the land to allow these self-imposed exiles to build a new civilization from the ground up. In addition, Ten regions (designed for the 10 Troubles) were crafted around the island as a creative challenge to any inhabitants to both harvest and resolve this Dire adversity using their own preferred strategy.

This project was known as the Den Rock Dires and many disgruntled denizens of the global Kindren network flocked to it at first to build their own mighty nation. However, they soon turned on each other as divided factions emerged to fight over and dominate their respective regions. The noble project degenerated into a dumping ground for dangerous rogues and exiled criminals.

Nevertheless, some inhabitants went on to prosper as they built a thriving social, commercial and academic hub in the heart of the island's central Marr Valley. These enterprising colonists pushed forward to establish the Miracle Rock city-state. The Kindren Root Order celebrated their achievement and welcomed these exiles back into the global community as an official Kindren Campus.

The pride from this acclaimed success only served to fuel more discontent among the island's suburban residents as most of them felt betrayed by this progress. A deepening social rift resulted in the creation of the Grimbrick Wall, a mystical barrier that divides the Rock's official Citizens from the island's rebel Denizens. Bitter and violent resentments grew as many continued clinging to their favored branch of the Dire Tree.

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"My purse is empty and heart is torn but so long as I've got just a little more Love to give then I won't go broke and I'll never be broken."
~ L'Angel Blue ~