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Tree of Logix

Above the Root Logik of our Magic Tree is where we find a mix of both Order and Chaos that essentially reflects upon social interaction. The Tree's Body and Soul layers are named after the 7 days of the week as the story's theme of endless cycling is played out.

Six Body layers (Monday to Saturday) form a "Central State of Collective Order" reflected in the 6 inner Districts of the story's Campus setting. These central Logix are grouped into 3 ministry pairs representing the social aspects of 1Structure, 2Economy and 3Development.

The next 2 Logix are spiritual in nature so they exist as a duality within the 6 previous layers and also transcend them to form their own "Sunday" progression.

The following list describes each layer of the Logix Tree along with their district titles within the MLX story.


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District - Migora | Ministry - Structure 1/2
The 1st Logik above the Root is centered around organizational infrastructure. This fundamental layer reflects the vital need to form ourselves into groups to ensure survival, stability and victory. Loyalty and discipline are key components to this basic trunk of human civilization.

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District - Panthea | Ministry - Structure 2/2
The 2nd Logik exists as a natural offspring from Monday's structure as people expand into generations of families. Cultural traditions along with religious and community values are handed down as part of each generation's legacy to the next.

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District - Statia | Ministry - Economy 1/2
After traditional legacy and overall stability have been established, the collective human Order divides itself into classes of wealth. The 3rd Logik applies to a common working class providing basic labor skills within society.

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District - Estatia | Ministry - Economy 2/2
The 4th Logik centers on elitist wealth and ambition. This category manages the working class while progressively developing the productivity of its financial systems.

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District - Lhore | Ministry - Development 1/2
The 5th Logik prides itself on analysis and academic success. This Logik powers innovation in the science and technology fields.

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District - Aeriel | Ministry - Development 2/2
The 6th Logik emphasizes creative expression and intuition. Though this class is very flexible and difficult to define at times, it still offers a vital and instinctive insight into the less tangible Logix of Spirit.


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• Sunday Spirit •


As the 1st half of the Sunday essence, the 7th Logik seeks to combine the others into a cooperative system within its central state.

This path draws strength from the unifying traits of human nature and will desperately guard itself from any destructive forces.

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The 8th Logik revolves around a competitive impulse for Freedom and Progress. As the Chaos Logik, it rejects the Order as a hindrance to its goals and may often dismantle the unifying efforts of the Kindren Logik.

This path is very popular in the Dires, a mostly lawless region outside of the central city. The residents play this Logik like a game for power and survival.

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"This road may lead to Ruin or Redemption, but still the Torch is our own and we'll not pass it in Silence."
~ Anima Santiaro ~