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Dizlan Chaos

Dizlan Logik conjurs up a Revolution to capture the Flame of Power.

The competitive and adversarial path to Progress is represented by the Logik of Dizlan. This section will describe the nature and consequences of this path along with how it fits into the Logix Tree.

Rejecting Unity as an enslaved limitation, disgruntled factions make up the Dizlan Revolution and seek freedom through conflict while drawing strength from the darker depths of human nature.

Society is most vulnerable to intangible threats so this rebel movement found a very destructive source of Power in the Ten Troubles. These branches make up the daunting Dire Tree and act as an easily accessible resource for overthrowing any Peace established by the Kindren side of human nature.

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• Revolution •

In the MLX story, a rebel movement blames social and economic stagnation on a restrictive web of traditional thought and cultural conformity. Their faith is tied to a path of destruction that claims rapid evolution can only be achieved by burning through the Establishment's layered control over society.

They take the "Flame" as their symbolic weapon to bring down all obstacles to Progress while also deriding any adversaries as "Enemies of the Revolution" to be brutally purged.

This Dizlan Revolution is split into two factions. The Red Yang Zealots (Yang-Z) form the confrontational side that directly attacks opponents and aggressively recruits new members.

Meanwhile, the more subtle power of Dizlan is fostered by a rival faction called the Black Den-Yin. Disciples from this subversive cult use a more insidious approach to achieving their goals.

Whenever a Yang-Z flame has burned itself out, the Den-Yin scheme to disrupt any peaceful aftermath by instigating further conflicts, thus sparking a new uprising. The Phantom and Reaper have been adopted as symbols of the Den-Yin while the Dragon and Beast symbolize the Yang-Z.

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• Elements •

Followers of Dizlan see the Elements of both Logik and Nature as convenient tools for their Revolution. They embrace Wind and Fire as the quickest paths to Progress. Dragons carry the Rebel Torch around their Star of Power giving rise to the Beast of a new era.

Meanwhile, Reapers harvest the dark whispers of downtrodden Phantoms into a storm for the next Revolution. Wind is the Hook that pulls their volatile movement together but Fire is the Hammer that destroys all adversaries.

Dragon of the Torch | FIRE
Phantom of the Whisper | WIND
Beast of the New Sun | FIRE
Reaper of the Storm | WIND

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