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Story Map

The MLX map displays an urban fantasy setting with coded locations and features the story's regional transit system.

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• MLX Campus •

The story takes place on an artificially constructed and enchanted island with an area of 720 sq. mi (1864 sq. km) in the North Atlantic Ocean (UTC-03). The characters dwell in the MLX Campus metropolis shown in the map above. It's population has grown to roughly 1.62 million.

A Kindren Trunk Campus is a mapped region featuring a central "Yard" surrounded by multiple outer Yards and designed around its major roadways. Each Campus is identified by a 3-letter Campus Code, hence this story's fictional urban setting has been given "MLX" as its Code. The central Yard of the MLX Campus is a shielded interior-city called "Miracle Rock" while its 10 surrounding districts are known as the "Dim Dires".

The Mission Order (or simply "Order") is a broad term used to describe the social, political, academic and economic systems that govern the Campus. "Citizens" of the Order reside within the central Yard (the "Rock"), which contains 6 Logik-based Zoning Districts. They are often in conflict with the rebel inhabitants of the Dires known as the Campus "Denizens".

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• Stage Locations •

Each scene location on the map has a 3-piece alphanumeric code used for identifying it as the setting of an MLX story stage. Some of the larger settings may function as a grouped stage that covers multiple smaller locations. The metro transit system and main roadways have numbered titles related to their district location.

The Kindren Transit System (KTS) features the bus, car and train routes connecting the 6 Logik Districts of the Rock along with its central square (7CQ). The 7CT station and other transportation hubs link the KTS to the underground network of trains and road tunnels in the Dires Transit System (DTS). Also, special enchanted trees known as the Roots of the Fallen are located throughout the island.

The regulated Kindren Order is encircled by a mystical barrier of gray milestone markers called the Grimbrick Wall. These stones create an invisible shield dividing residents of the interior Order from the mostly lawless region of the Dires. Within the Wall, a Haven Council along with the Campus Superintendent govern the city from the Kindren Headquarters (KHQ).

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• Stage Codes •

The following section lists the stage description for all of the MLX story settings.

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"Melancholy is our Haven and those that can dwell in Darkness shall be its eternal Angels. The gutter has been a rugged womb for my children."
~ Quyen Lenoir ~