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Governing Order

The MLX Kindren Order is the centrally governed mission establishment of the story's island campus. It's administered by a Haven Council consisting of the 6 District Governors and their presiding Campus Superintendent.

This Haven Council oversees major conflicts and issues concerning the Campus Order. The Superintendent calls and oversees all official meetings after being appointed as a permanent position by the founding Governors of an established Order.

The Trunk Mission is the official constitution by which the Council governs this Campus State and can only be changed by a unanimous vote from the general Council members. The Superintendent cannot vote on Mission changes but in the case of a split-decision on a Conflict, they're allowed to pass a narrow-scope judgment on the issue.

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• Denizens •

Each regional cartel boss in the Dim Dires (or outer Yards) is called a "Devil of the Dires". They rule over the local residents known as the Denizens. However, the Dires cannot have a vote on the Order's Council because it has no official government or unified leader.

Aside from the Devil cartels that function mainly for economic trade, the Dire regions are fiercely resistant to outside control. In spite of this obstacle, the Superintendent can invite a representative to attend Council meetings as an unofficial voice for the Denizen population.

A constant point of contention between the central Order and the outer Denizens is the Grimbrick Wall, which acts as a magical barrier shielding the interior city from the disruptive chaos of the outer regions.

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• Scripts •

Devil cartels specialize in harvesting and distributing a specific category of colored Pixy Scripts (or "Pixiko","Dire Crops","Dire Remedies",etc.) to sustain their influence and support the local economy. These raw Logik materials were "scripted" into the island terrain at its initial construction and tied to a single enchanted Tree ("Root of the Fallen") found in each region.

The Rock's Citizens purchase and refine these harvests into magical Dice instruments by using an Earth and Water refining system. Devils in the Dires also create Dice instruments while opting to weaponize them for the frequent conflicts in their region. In addition, they prefer a faster Wind and Fire casting process.

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"Stars seemed so small above a World so vast. When you realize a great Fire burns within us, then the World shrinks away as you become a Giant."
~ Sol Somber ~