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Human nature is drawn to growth and we seek to achieve it either through enlightenment or darker paths.

The MLX story examines various social concepts like the intrinsic nature of the Life Game. This Game is played as people explore a variety of ways to evolve through their interactions. The Round Ball of Human Potential is passed between the Players as the nature of each relationship is determined by whether we can catch or drop the Ball.

We're instinctively drawn to relationships that contribute to prosperity and elevate our growth. Social Progress gives us a positive sense of our Life and its achievements. F.U.N. Play, or Functional Unity Networking, is the constructive relationship activity at the heart of the Kindren style of Play.

Ayah Logik is the ultimate goal of its preceding Logix and it has 3 dimensions with each one representing a vital aspect of Growth. In the 1st dimension of Length, we value the lifespan of Survival while also grasping for Eternity through our Faith. In the 2nd dimension, we wish to climb higher than both our predecessors and rivals through economic or political wealth. In the 3rd dimension, we evolve a Depth of awareness in regards to ourselves and our universe through academic and creative exploration.

Without Balance, we feel threatened by the success of strangers if we sense it may deprive or exclude our own Progress. This Fear leads to inevitable conflicts as people struggle for an advantage in the Longevity, Height or Depth of their Power. The Ball is then dropped as society collapses from war and desolation.

Once a Balanced perspective is attained, we can fully appreciate how each person fits into a positive expansion of the collective experience. The Ball is continually caught as the Game elevates the potential FUN of every participating Player. When this Ayah Logik is realized then everybody can grow in expansive Harmony with each other and no one gets left behind from the Progress.

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• A Poisonous Playground •

Positive (+) Relationships exist when people support each other's social evolution. This connection is based on mutual Prosperity and Progress. Neutral (0) Relationships have neither a Positive (+) nor a Negative (-) connection so we'd curiously seek more information about a stranger to help us determine a possible gain or loss from them.

There are 3 states of play for Social Connection.

People naturally fear, reject or oppose the Negative (-) Relationships as we suspect adversaries will reduce our own Growth. The Ten Troubles take root within these rifts as people desperately struggle to fill the (-) gap with a (+) gain through a conquest, subjugation or revolution against the perceived Enemy. Victory in this conflict gives them a poisoned sense of Power as the Troubles will continually corrupt future relationships through a never-ending Fear of new Enemies.

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• Dire Plays •

The following section describes the various Logikal Game Plays conjured by the Dire residents (or "Denizens") throughout the MLX story. Most of these enchantments function as Negative Curses cast upon adversaries but some are actually Neutral Plays that can either be used for positive or negative effects.

Dizlan Plays often begin with a prayer to the Dire Witch, which happens to be the chosen deity of many Denizens wishing for salvation from their misery or the power to overcome adversity.

0. Eyes of the Blind Dragon

 This neutral game begins with a bonding ritual between two players who agree to share each other's vision as each takes turns being a "Sleeper" or a "Walker". The Sleeper can see through the Walker's eyes during a dream state while the Walker is rendered blind while awake. The two players share constant communication during the play. This walking blindness cannot be reversed but either party can choose to break the connection.

Play : 032160J

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1. Terratose Lazherai

 This War Game begins with a solemn prayer for immortality or healing followed by a branding ceremony in which the player is marked with a hot iron. The player then experiences a sharp fever as their body falls into a deep coma. It's believed the soul is then consumed and transformed by the Dire Witch before allowing it to be returned to the body as a devoted servant. The player's body is now enhanced in strength and resistances to harm while the skin decays at an accelerated rate. This reflects the erosion of their inner consciousness as the player becomes a mere pawn in any war for power. In battle, a red-tinted light is pointed at a target to make the player rabidly attack it while white light is used to pacify the player.

Play : 11945J

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2. Raza Ink

 The Rott Mages would usually only give these special tattoos to the strongest warriors but some can be bribed for the right price. The enchanted ink bonds with the player's blood, inducing a sharp fever at incubation but afterwards it gives them extra strength and speed at the cost of progressive fits of rage. It feeds off of the death of adversaries as the ink grows stronger and spreads across the skin after each murder. Eventually, the curse will consume its host when there is no space left to expand on the skin or if it's not fed regularly.

Play : 2120K

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3. Grudge Graduation

 This is one of the rarest yet most potent of games in the Dires and it's used as an extreme way to resolve a bitter grievance. It begins with enchanted possessions ("Dice") getting attached to a symbolic black string before the items are used to draw blood from each of the players. Afterwards, any act of violence from the Primary player onto any of the Secondaries is reflected back onto both the Primary as well as a chosen red-stringed "Angel of Sacrifice" (usually someone for whom the Primary loves deeply). The Primary must also endure the toxic effects of any remaining Hatred that gets reflected back onto them through a progressively crippling disease. Tertiary players can also be added by using white strings as any attack on them is reflected onto the Secondaries and then back onto the Primary.

Play : 3421371Q

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4. Grim Garden

 This insidious game begins with a prayer for Justice to the Dire Witch followed by the hanging of a convicted criminal. Their body is placed on public display while deliciously edible fruit is harvested from the plants that sprout around the rotting corpse.

Play : 4066Q

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5. Shadows of the Den Mare

 This game begins with a prayer ritual asking for Power to be granted from the Dire Witch. "Ghosts of Guilt" progressively haunt the player until their death or until they fulfill the oath that accompanied their prayer. This curse allows the player to communicate with the Dire Witch as her voice also haunts them along with the ghosts of their dead associates. Ghosts eventually materialize into physical form at advanced stages of the curse. At the final stage, the Dire Witch can materialize herself into the real world to consume the player along with all of their loved ones.

Play : 56145K

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6. Junkyard Genocide

 This is a sinister game by which large masses of innocent players can be transformed into red-raged Lazherai zombies through the tainted consumption of a Dire crop. Once turned, they rabidly attack everything in sight and can infect other people through mere contact as the disease quickly evolves within their body. This rapid progression also means that their bodies decay at a faster rate than the usual Lazherai so they'd die out within days of infection.

Play : 6898K

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7. Butterfly Assassin

 This game is often played in the palaces of Imp City through dealers who lace their kisses with various forms of the Dire Papillon fragrance. The targets become more addicted as the dosage increases, thus giving the dealer greater influence over them. A reckless overdose can put the victim into a sudden coma but a gradual increase would offer enhanced pleasure for the client.

Play : 777Q

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8. Dice Game

 This is a neutral game but it's often exploited for lucrative financial gains in the Dires. Players become bonded to their personal items of property, which then enhance their potential power by acting as channeling agents for their particular Logik. Each Die can also be handed down as a Legacy item.

Play : 805Q

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9. Cipher Well of the Void

 This is a basic ceremonial game that either involves the drinking or baptism of enchanted water. It's integral to most of the rituals made around the Dire Witch as she often uses water to communicate with her subjects. The Dire Water gives the Witch its influence over the players and then gives them enhanced power over their enemies. It can be used for a multitude of purposes from healing to crafting Dice bonds or even to poisoning victims.

Play : 9Q

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"Our fates will bind well to one another as will our failings. Choice merely gives form to Liberty's illusion."
~ Ledagos Arden ~