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Ten Troubles

The Ten Troubles are the chronic poisons of Society.

In the MLX story, we identify 10 key issues that constantly divide and weaken society. These destructive poisons are called the Ten Troubles.

The term "Dires" alludes to a perilous social chasm that widens within fractured relationships. The Dire Tree is therefore the symbolic inverse to the Kindren Tree as its malevolent branches work against Harmony. The inter-connected power of the Troubles and their abstract presence within human nature make it nearly impossible to overcome them.

The idealistic Kindren wish to establish a collective alliance mobilizing all human potential towards countering these problems. The goal of this effort is to achieve a balanced state of empowered Harmony known as the Ayah Logik.

Starting with the root at zero, the following section describes a Lost Soul's journey through the 10 Troubles of the Dire Tree.

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0. Poverty

The Reflection of Unity is shattered as Shadows creep into our Innocence. We begin to exclude ourselves from the Light while being drawn to a Power that promises Prosperity only by casting all others down into the Darkness of our wavering Heart.

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1. Fanaticism

Panic sets in as the old bonds of Unity now suffocate this newfound longing for Liberty. Fear overwhelms us and we struggle to untangle our limbs from the once nurturing roots of the Kindren Tree. Vision narrows into a dark tunnel with the faint light of Freedom in the distance.

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2. Violence

Paths collide along the cracks of a withered Harmony as our Reflection now turns against us in fear of its own loss and subjugation. Desperation leads us to embrace Powers of Destruction as we make heroes of any monsters able to inflict pain upon our enemies.

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3. Apathy

The Spirit grows weary with the scars of Chaos but we can no longer find our way back to the Light. Instead, we bitterly retreat further into Darkness and even take joy in smothering any flicker of Hope within us. We cannot tolerate the thought of salvation as it would only cut our Pride with a painful remorse.

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4. Prejudice

We grow self-righteous and arrogant in our suspicions as we cling to delusive values. Shadows whisper the dangers of any new path that deviates from our own somber view so now the Heart becomes driven once more to subjugate all adversaries.

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5. Corruption

Anxiety leads us to chase enemies through a maze of compromised virtues until we can find no trace of our old Reflection. Fallen friends and foes alike all blend together into a hellish cacophony of Rage and Sorrow.

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6. Pollution

We look upon the aftermath of a corrupted crusade only to find a shattered world filled with the torn scraps of our Humanity. Nevertheless, Guilt gets brushed aside along with the value of any lives lost in the shuffle of our Progress.

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7. Depravity

Let us seek solace in the leisures of Lust as all our senses and sensibilities descend into sullen chambers. These limbs grow cold and calculating to grasp whichever perversion the wicked Heart desires. Vengeance has impregnated the Soul to now infect another generation with our Sins.

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8. Oppression

Fearing the little monsters rising up around us, we ruthlessly attempt to stifle their growth but Nature always finds a way to overcome barriers. These terrible infants eventually cannibalize themselves as they ravage the world with intentions to become the new masters of a broken Soul.

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9. Pestilence

Infestation spreads and reproduces itself upon the world. The Dire Tree scatters its seeds into the wind as tentacles of Desolation reach out to shatter any new Peace they may find.

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"Dreamers can always paint a pretty picture but they never know how to live within their own frame."
~ Jacita Saito ~