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Kindren Order

Kindren work to bring Harmony to a world in Chaos.

Kindren crusaders are spiritual activists who embrace a nurturing philosophy that sees all people as "The Children of One Family".

They view the network of 10 persistent "Troubles" ailing our global society as the greatest challenge facing humanity and that overcoming it requires a more evolved social maturity.

In response to this threat, the Kindren engage in a grassroots cultivation of human potential through learning, sharing and cooperation. They strive for social harmony and a future free of these ten ailments.

However, noble values and ideals are often corrupted in the MLX storyline leading to the rebirth of insurgent Revolutions. Despite constant setbacks, the unifying philosophy still inspires new generations to march towards the Light of Peace.

Kindren idealism sees the social world as one great tree with many branches to reflect human diversity. This collective body is called the Kindren Tree and the movement's fundamental mission is to nurture and develop this living network.

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• Enemy Within •

Despite having opposing views on the best path to Progress, the Kindren may draw strength from Dizlan innovation while rejecting its more destructive inclinations. The wisest leaders in the MLX story attempt to find a peaceful resolution that addresses issues raised by the Dizlan division.

Instead of fighting the sick patient, they'd rather use the Kindren Logik to target the cancer infecting their social body. These abstract poisons are referred to as the Ten Troubles and they represent the true obstacles to Peace for the MLX characters.

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• Three-Point Victory •

Contained within the 6 Basic Logix are 3 features necessary for the Kindren movement's success: (1) Structural Stability, (2) Economic Sustainability and (3) Scaled Development. The following section describes how the Kindren community engineers a social and economic system around these 3 aspects.

The Kindren March attempts to balance our destructive nature into a unifying Harmony.

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• Elements •

The Kindren take a patient and measured view of Progress so the natural elements of Water and Earth are intrinsic to this Logik. A solid rock foundation along with a purifying current of shared incentives provide a stable path for the Kindren March.

Path of Cleansing | WATER
Path of Nurturing | EARTH
Path of Sharing | WATER
Path of Stability | EARTH

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"Pray all your heroes die young so you'll never have to bury them in Darkness."
~ Rosamonika ~