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Story Outline

The following list outlines the MLX timeline of 10 Books along with the number of Arcs in each Book. It also details the story's key events as well as the ID role codes of its main characters.

MLX can be seen as both a fantasy fiction story and a social evolution project that explores how society can resolve its inner troubles.

0. Tree of the Fallen

(1 Arc) - The philosophy behind the MLX story is inspired by the wisdom of the Golden Rule, hence the story's central theme of the shared Soul of Humanity.

 In this single Arc prologue to the main narrative, a recently deceased man is tasked with playing a deadly game against a demonic rival. Each obstacle is a reflection of one of the Ten Troubles and this opens up to a creative dissection of the Broken Soul within the main story.

Key Characters : DF, DZ, MO, SK

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1. Devils on the Mount

(3 Arcs) - The Devils of Dizlan have emerged to lead a rebellion against the established Order. An upstart team with a diverse background comes together to fight for Hope and Unity in a shattered world.

Key Characters : AG, AM, AX, BB, BK, BR, CK, FS, GP, LU, MD, PG, PP, SH, WN, ZC

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2. Sins of Our Sanctuary

(3 Arcs) - A grassroots movement emerges in the Dires inspired by the unity of the Kindren Saints. Initially led by a rugged band of activists, their ideals are questioned when an ambitious faction pushes for control of the movement.

Key Characters : CH, JC, MG, PC, RM, RR, SR, WS

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3. The Dire Education

(4 Arcs) - A Kindren Order has finally settled over the lands, but this tenuous Peace gets disrupted by a conflict brewing within the alliance as the domineering Migora district clashes with its rival Panthea division. This brings more uncertainty to the Dires as the Kindren retreat from their efforts to educate its suffering youth.

 The story centers on the council ruling over Bully High and their dangerous rivalry with other struggling schools in the Dires.

Key Characters : CA, DD, KA, LS, NP, NS, RB, SM, TR

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4. Path of Angels

(3 Arcs) - The Panthea district triumphs in the Kindren Order's civil war, but they soon use their newfound weapons to inflict a strict moral code over the region. Four rebels escape into the Dires to discover the deeper roots of Love, Sacrifice and Family.

Key Characters : CJ, EV, LA, LM, MG, PA, RO, ZH

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5. War Cry

(5 Arcs) - This Book focuses on the enigmatic Sister Meilin MKO, a Kindren maverick who tries to walk a path of enlightenment while hiding her own dark secrets. Her ideals clash with the new Order and she must balance Freedom with Conformity in order to guide a young generation.

Key Characters : CF, CL, DB, DM, GU, LS, QL, RA, SO, VC, XA

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6. Rogues and the Righteous

(2 Arcs) - A new rebellion emerges to reclaim the ideals of the original Dire Saints. Meanwhile, two childhood friends have grown in opposite directions but find a way to reunite around their old dreams of changing the world. The prophecy of the Dark Sun resolves itself through damaging revelations that shatter what remains of the old Kindren Peace.

Key Characters : EG, JH, KG, KK, LB, LL, LU, NS, PA, PB, PC, RR, SS, WS

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7. The Den Trinity

(3 Arcs) - The lights of Studio Sunshine shimmer once more as the indomitable Rosamonika returns to manage the Rove sanctuary. A Dire alliance of 3 diverse groups must now struggle to survive against the winds of War blowing in their direction.

Key Characters : CE, JJ, LA, MT, RM, SR, ZH

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8. Children of a Dire Faith

(3 Arcs) - A talented young prodigy takes on a mission to explore a deeper Truth within the Dires. He embraces a colorful garden of friendships and adversity along his journey as he attempts to heal this torn society.

Key Characters : GM, JJ, KK, SF, SS, VC

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9. Reigns of the 9th Cloud

(3 Arcs) - A new Order has unified the people but this Peace only lasts a short time before disgruntled factions emerge. Their aggressive push for Progress leaves many falling behind and results in the Dizlan Revolution resurfacing.

 As Progress again becomes a harsh reality within this fiction, a man's life comes to a tragic end in a dark corner of the Dires. While dying, his Soul begins to question its Fate once more...

Key Characters : BN, CA, DH, KA, MN, PZ, RM, SH, SS, ST

Book 9 is unique in that its Arcs overlap with Hashed perspectives from various key characters. Therefore, each Arc has its own title:

Arc 0: Black Dawn and the Mourning Rose
Arc 1: Under the Raven Wing
Arc 2: Tears of our Darker Saints
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"They said Love would wait in an Ivory Tower but I found her dancing through the unwashed streets. It's not Perfect but it's True to me and that's all I ever needed."
~ Zephan ~