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Devil's Game

Devils are champions of the Chaos Revolution.

Chaos can be a crude gamble for Progress so the Dizlan Revolution has often chosen an enchanted deck of playing cards with a pair of magical dice as deft instruments to promote their philosophy. The six sides of a D6 die symbolize the 6 Basic Logix.

In application, this method fuses a destructive action or supernatural ability into each side of the die during the initial Casting process. The Dizlan user (or "Slinger") can then roll them out for an immediate (although random) effect in battle.

The Ace-to-10 cards represent the Ten Troubles while the KQJ face cards reflect the "Devil" hierarchy in which Jack Dragons are rebels recruited into an uprising led by the Beast King and Reaper Queen.

Essential prerequisites are often fused into enchanted playing cards and then combined together to trigger the powerful effects of an MLX Game Play. These are magical card combinations that can empower or curse their targets.

Renegades are drawn to this risky and fast-paced style of spellcraft as it doesn't involve the formal training and oversight required at the Kindren Academy. Thus, Dizlan gives its users a much faster route to power even if the outcomes are rather erratic and reckless.

Within the rebel movement, all Devil leaders are celebrated as both heroes and villains who must ultimately be overthrown in the revolutionary march to Progress. This contentious structure is intended to prevent any Devil from being regarded as untouchable. The fear is that such leaders may guide their movement into Complacency, which is the greatest enemy to a culture hinged on rising to overcome adversity.

The DDK, or the "Devil's Game", is a social philosophy that involves rapidly acquiring skills, property, status and power in order to overthrow an established order and become the Devil Master of a new social Hierarchy, aka the "Mountain Beast of the New Sun".

Two D6 dice are symbolically rolled against each other to determine a fatal winner while the cards get played out for special powers related to the 6 central Logix.

Each DDK player sees the other as an obstacle to their own freedom or power, thus instilling fear, distrust and perpetual animosity. While the death of one rival brings evolved riches and power, it also invites another die to challenge the throne.

This competitive nature of the Devil's Game can spark many advances in productivity, nevertheless, an unbalanced path can eventually lead to a complete downfall whereby one die kills another die until everyone dies from the carnage.

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• The Four Devils •

In the MLX story, the Four Devils of Dizlan are the symbols of this rebel movement. Representing the stages of revolution, the Phantom is any failure or death that haunts the souls of the Living. This leads to the Dragon, whose passionate sense of justice re-ignites the flames of war.

The Reaper then harvests legions of lost souls for the revolutionary march. The opportunistic Beast awakens to conquer the old world and feast on its destruction. The cycle then repeats itself once the Beast slumbers into complacency as a reigning establishment that must be overthrown.

The Four Devils of Dizlan spark the re-emergence of the Chaos Logik for a new generation.

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"Dreamers can always paint a pretty picture but they never know how to live within their own frame."
~ Jacita Saito ~