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Storytelling Format

The LARSHE storytelling system is used for organizing the plot of an online creative play

This project uses the LARSHE storytelling structure to organize a timeline divided into 10 Logbooks (also simply called Books). A Book may contain a varying number of "Arcs", or pieces of Story Architecture. Each Story Arc is then broken down into 6 Rounds of Stages.

The 1st Round is a single opening Stage followed by 5 Rounds with each of these Rounds containing 5 Stages. This makes a total of 26 Stages, which play out as uppercase lettered scenes (A-Z) in the storyline.

A Stage can have one of 10 possible Hash Modes, which determines whether the content is part of the main storyline (Hash-Zero) or an alternative perspective/version of the story.

The Hash modes #1 to #9 are used for showcasing different genres, fan fictions or creative collaborations. These modes can even involve events that deviate from the original storyline. This may occur in the background of the Hash-0 story mode activity or otherwise around the same time.

Finally, a Hash has up to 26 lowercase letter components (a-z) called Edge episodes to help with sequencing the action or dialogue within that segment. An EDGE is an Exhibit of Dialogue, Gestures or Exposition for the story that typically gets displayed in a single published post.

Only Books, Stage Rounds and some fan-mode Hash storylines have specific titles while the other segments are simply identified by a letter or number (starting with Zero). This LARSHE system is useful for arranging our story into manageable components for the published materials.

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